Innovative Drone Solutions

INDROS is dedicated to provide our clients and community with high-quality imagery, data, with industry-driven solutions by utilizing the latest UAV technology worldwide and our extensive expertise.

Offering more and new solutions

  • Confined space inspections
  • Mobile Telecom masts and pylons inspections
  • Inspection of solar panels
  • Inspections
  • 3D Mapping
  • Infrastructure
  • Public safety
  • Aerial media solutions


  • Mapping, site monitoring and surveying
  • Stock measurement and volume determination
  • 3D – modelling
  • Digital twin
  • Aerial media
  • Livestream platform
  • AI & data management
  • Thermography
  • Inspection

Picture that

Project references


Architectural office

Using INDROS means that we have a fast, accurate and detailed view of the existing situation of the monuments and tall buildings that we work with. After one site visit, everything is visible from our office. This gives us a tremendous advantage in the preparation of projects.


Telecom provider - Antenna inspections

Our telecom antennas are located at great height or in places that are difficult to reach. The use of INDROS gives us a complete and detailed picture of our sites. Using the collected data of photos, videos, and 3D scans enables us to envisage, plan and maintain, reducing our risks massively.

Thermo King

ADVANCER a new refrigeration unit.

We were asked to film a trailer with a refrigeration unit for a mood film.
For this job we used a Inspire2 with "Cendence" controllers with 1000 nits screens. The camera of DOP’s choice was the super 35mm X7. Depending on the shot, We used 4 different lenses, depending on the required shot. Target of the shoot was the very slim refrigeration unit made by Thermo King, situated on the trailer's front.
Shots were made in Ghent, Kortrijk, Ypers, Waregem, Spa Francorchamps and on various locations in the Ardennes and Westhoek.

UAV pilot: Didier Lenglaert
Gimball operator: Frederic Vanhalst
Director / DOP: Andy Van den Eynde
Production: AWESOME


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