INDROS works with and for our clients to provide cutting edge and out of the box solutions. We want to revolutionize the UAV world and it’s solutions. Together we can create a safe, efficient, reliable and durable future of UAV’s in different industries. INDROS combines multiple technologies (AI, VR, …) and UAV’s to give tailor made solutions to our clients.

We also provide support in the innovation process. From beginning to end, from idea to implementation. We can also help in requesting funding, if necessary.

If you have a project to complete and are unsure of the way forward or feel that the standard route is not enough, INDROS will gladly be your partner in finding the best solution.

Current cases

  • Automated heron recognition
  • RFID tracking (stock)
  • Automated weed (different varieties) recognition
  • Automated flight to prevent damage to crops from birds