Our story

In 2020, 6 highly qualified UAV enthusiasts decided to combine their expertise and founded INDROS. All 6 are experts in their own industry and continue to expand their knowledge and innovate the UAV industry.

If you have a project where you think no one else can help, maybe you can hire INDROS. Just give us a call!

who we are

Now pursue & achieve

INDROS is dedicated to providing our clients and community with high-quality imagery and data, with industry-driven solutions by utilizing the latest UAV technology worldwide and our extensive expertise.

Result orientated solutions, characterized by efficiency, knowledge, speed, accessibility and employability on demand by the client

what we are

What’s in a name

Our future vision is inserted in our name. INDROS, ‘Innovative Drone Solutions’, offering solutions.

INDROS uses existing technology where applicable even if it is still at research level.

We use the latest technological developments to directly improve our techniques making sure we are always ahead of the game in this fast-changing industry

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Expertise
  • Professionality
  • Durability
  • Flexible
  • Mapping, site monitoring and surveying
  • Stock measurement and volume determination, BIM3D–modelling
  • Digital twin
  • Livestream platform
  • Software and AI, data management
  • Machine learning
  • Thermography
  • RFID-tracking
  • Inspections


Ben Joos

project manager

Passionate by aviation and innovation by drones
Specialized in video and film
Works a lot for Belgian and foreign TV-stations to shoot video with drones
Specialized in industrial development with drone-technology
Drone-pilot license since 2016.

Guy Meyvaert

project manager

Working 21 years for mobile operators
Experienced in 3D-measurements, photogrammetry, visual inspections.
Using drones for different jobs to provide solutions for mobile telecom operators

Peter De Decker

administration & project manager

Maritime engineer
Experience in the oil and gas industry, worldwide
Expert in evaluating unsafe situations during inspections of high constructions and confined spaces or difficult to reach areas

Jeroen Saelens

project manager

Land surveyor (on- and offshore)
Chartered surveyor
UAV instructor
Photogrammetry, point cloud and geomatics specialist

Didier Lenglaert

project manager

Specialized in industrial drone solutions
Experienced in video and - film for several TV-stations
Specialized in live streaming video with drones and live broadcast

Elwin Van Herck

communication manager

Pioneer in the Belgian UAV industry
UAV instructor and examiner
President of the Belgian Drone Federation
Vice-president of the Belgian Civil drone Council
Believer and visionary of drones and the technological possibilities
Expert in UAV law (Belgian, European)

The sky is not the limit!

Our partners

On the one hand, the various partners ensure inter-specialist interaction and, on the other hand, reinforce the different expertise. Mutual interest and respect provide strategic cooperation and an investment in each other’s knowledge equally. Our shared vision and long-term goals ensure the further development of our “solutions”. Clear transparent agreements in tasks and planning make the partnership a solid basis for tackling projects. The most significant common realisations arise from sometimes small individual matters. Our joint ambition and personal involvement are essential in this.

Proud member of the Belgian Drone Federation



Architectural office

Using INDROS means that we have a fast, accurate and detailed view of the existing situation of the monuments and tall buildings that we work with. After one site visit, everything is visible from our office. This gives us a tremendous advantage in the preparation of projects.


Telecom provider - Antenne inspections

Our telecom antennas are located at great height or in places that are difficult to reach. The use of INDROS gives us a complete and detailed picture of our sites. Using the collected data of photos, videos, and 3D scans enables us to envisage, plan and maintain, reducing our risks massively.

Thermo King

ADVANCER a new refrigeration unit.

We were asked to film a trailer with a refrigeration unit for a mood film.
For this job we used a Inspire2 with "Cendence" controllers with 1000 nits screens. The camera of DOP’s choice was the super 35mm X7. Depending on the shot, We used 4 different lenses, depending on the required shot. Target of the shoot was the very slim refrigeration unit made by Thermo King, situated on the trailer's front.
Shots were made in Ghent, Kortrijk, Ypers, Waregem, Spa Francorchamps and on various locations in the Ardennes and Westhoek.

UAV pilot: Didier Lenglaert
Gimball operator: Frederic Vanhalst
Director / DOP: Andy Van den Eynde
Production: AWESOME